Manufacturing Services

By any measure, Jarrow Industries, Inc. (JII) is a leader in the manufacturing and packaging of capsules and tablets for nutraceuticals. Our program excels in these key areas:

Quality as guided by rigorous industry standards of cGMP and National Organic Programs.

Constant updates and/or acquisitions of modern and precision equipment.

Investment in training and schooling programs to strengthen the team.

All of our processes are conducted in temperature- and humidity-controlled facility; and are closely monitored by highly trained quality inspectors.

  • mixer-compound-1


    pharmaceutical manufacturing process

  • Powder Pre-treatment

    Machines: FitzPatrick, Quadro, Vorti-siv.

    • Milling is available to process hardened and oversized powder particles.
    • Dry granulation helps us increase particle size and decrease shape variation.
    • Sieving ensures uniformity of material.


    Machines:IBC Mixer Bohle, V blender Patterson-Kelley.

    • Pre-weigh prepares the material quantities for a quick blending process.
    • Blending sieves all materials into V blenders.


    • Machines: GKF2000 Bosch, Zanasi IMA, SA10 Pam.
    • Capsule sizes: 00, 00E, 0, 0E, 1, 2, 4.
    • Capsule types: Bovine, vegetarian, delay release, white, amongst others.
    • High speed encapsulators.
    • Up to 1,667 capsules per minute.
    • 3 filling methods:
      • Tamping: Powders are compressed into slugs and deposited inside the capsules. This method helps achieve high weights.
      • Dosator: Powder is collected by a pre-determined amount and deposited in a capsule. This method is efficient for fluffy and heat sensitive materials
      • Volumetric: Capsules are filled respecting natural capacity; a small amount of pressure can be applied if needed. This method reduces friction and allows encapsulating material with some degree of stickiness.
    • Precision on weights.
    • AQL inspection or 100% inspection available..


    Machines: Freund-Vector, Thomas Engineering.

    • Gets rid of unpleasant flavors, facilitates swallowing, protects APIs in formula, humidity barrier, enhances or provides tablet color.
    • Coating options: Enteric coating, clear, white, yellow, among other.
    • Use of purified water and high quality ingredients.